The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies

I recently went to see the latest of the Hobbit movies at the theatre. This type of story is such a wonderful creation and never fails to hold my attention. The story picks up where Smaug The Dragon left us with the said beast attacking a nearby village and being resisted. The treasure mountain of the Dwarfs is recaptured and greed sets in. This is where leadership is challenged from within on most fronts. Old loyalties are reborn as five armies converge on the gate of the mountain with the largest being the hated Orcs. There is of course an epic battle, well we all know that such movies do not end without such things. This is a great story that moves quickly and will not disappoint and my one desire is that there will be more. My only let down was how quickly Smaug was taken out with not enough fight. It was like he crashed into the water and that was it. I give this must see movie a nine point five out of ten. Good Day All.

The Movie Interstellar

We have yet another Christopher Nolan movie in theatres right now starring the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain with a smaller role played by Matt Damon. Interstellar finds our planet in deep trouble and decline with world wide freak storms, crop failure and population decline. Matthew McConaughey’s character is sent with a few other people by NASA into space with a couple of plans to save humanity and find a new planet to live on. There are a number of twists and turns as they struggle with emotional attachments and the laws of physics. This story is very interesting but is very complicated at times. It is one of those what if movies that may happen some day. I have posted two videos….one is a trailer and the other a guide to help you understand the movie. Regardless of its complex topic this movie is a must see for movie lovers and I give it eight point five out of ten…………..Good Day All.

Proper Diet

I was diagnosed a number of years back with type two diabetes and since then I have been on a search mission of sorts to find a proper way to eat and yes a cure. I believe that this disease is not only terrible but curable as well. So many people get thrown down the slippery slope of pills and other such things that manage symptoms but offer no other help. I believe that management in all areas is key and there are answers to this problem in what we eat. During my travels I have been reading many things and watching videos. I have come across an excellent authority in health named Doctor Mercola. This man is based in the United States and has helped me greatly in my journey with this disease. My video post today is his three suggestions on supplements……………Good Day All.

Fury……..Movie Review.

Well true to my promise I went to see a movie and that picture was a second world war type starring the likes of Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. Fury is set during the final moments of the second world war with Brad Pitt as an American tank commander who is tasked with getting his crew to guard a road. It turns out that they are way out numbered and stand alone in the final scene of battle against a crack team of Nazi fighters. This movie is very realistic because it portrays the very rough side of battle weary soldiers who suffer the day to day rigors of war. Pitt is very convincing in his role and with Remembrance Day coming up I would call this one a must see. It would be fitting to point out that there are a lot of bloody scenes………………I give this movie an eight point five out of ten………Good day All.