American Sniper

Okay folks so true to my promise I went to see Bradley Cooper in the new movie The American Sniper. Cooper plays Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who is sent to Iraq to protect ground forces against enemy insurgents during the recent conflict. My friend and I witnessed a packed movie house that was quiet through out the show with the occasional gasp or groan at some parts. This movie was directed by none other than the great Clint Eastwood and Mister Cooper did an outstanding job in his leading role while showing the true side of war and what is does to a soldier and their family. This movie shows the strain that armed conflict has on all areas of society and military at home and abroad on both a pre and post conflict level. One must bare in mind that this is a true story and such things are happening today and so the realism really hits home as one watches. I give this movie a nine out of ten and a big thanks as always to our men and women in uniform………………….Good Day All.

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