Je Suis Charlie – I Am Charlie

As we all know in the past week the offices of a magazine in Paris France was attacked leaving some twelve people dead. A kosher shop not far from there was also attacked leaving even more people dead. Another office in Germany was fire bombed in the days that followed and extremist groups are rejoicing and I refuse to give these morons any further attention by name or other wise. Today there were marches around the world but the largest one by far was at the epicentre of what happened in Paris France.

We live in a very complicated world these days and there are so many thoughts about religion and other matters of politics that one finds it hard to think for them self at times. We are bombarded with media driven thought from various causes and all most of us want to do is simply live our lives. In the midst of all this there are those who come together to comfort and try to heal in order to carry on. For my part I wish to extend love, happy thoughts and prayers to all who were victimized, and say in support from the bottom of my heart…..Je Suis Charlie……………..Good Day All.

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