Movie The Interview

Over Christmas I purchased and watched the all popular movie The Interview starring the likes of Seth Rogen and James Franco. You know that silly comedy flick that the President of North Korea is threatening to blow the world up over? Yes folks that very one and I really must say that I spent most of the movie wondering what he is so pissed off about until the end when he gets killed. So let us put ourselves in his shoes for a moment and imagine yourself being a very poorly thought of world leader. I mean lets face it the President of North Korea really never has been the most popular kid on the block has he? Now imagine the country you hate the most making a picture about you in which you die in the end. Well I guess we all understand how he feels now and I just told you how it ends. I really felt as others do that the movie was funny and fast paced. All political and social banter aside I give it a nine out of ten. You Tube is one place you can download it and watch from home………Good Day All.

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