American Sniper

Okay folks so true to my promise I went to see Bradley Cooper in the new movie The American Sniper. Cooper plays Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who is sent to Iraq to protect ground forces against enemy insurgents during the recent conflict. My friend and I witnessed a packed movie house that was quiet through out the show with the occasional gasp or groan at some parts. This movie was directed by none other than the great Clint Eastwood and Mister Cooper did an outstanding job in his leading role while showing the true side of war and what is does to a soldier and their family. This movie shows the strain that armed conflict has on all areas of society and military at home and abroad on both a pre and post conflict level. One must bare in mind that this is a true story and such things are happening today and so the realism really hits home as one watches. I give this movie a nine out of ten and a big thanks as always to our men and women in uniform………………….Good Day All.

Je Suis Charlie – I Am Charlie

As we all know in the past week the offices of a magazine in Paris France was attacked leaving some twelve people dead. A kosher shop not far from there was also attacked leaving even more people dead. Another office in Germany was fire bombed in the days that followed and extremist groups are rejoicing and I refuse to give these morons any further attention by name or other wise. Today there were marches around the world but the largest one by far was at the epicentre of what happened in Paris France.

We live in a very complicated world these days and there are so many thoughts about religion and other matters of politics that one finds it hard to think for them self at times. We are bombarded with media driven thought from various causes and all most of us want to do is simply live our lives. In the midst of all this there are those who come together to comfort and try to heal in order to carry on. For my part I wish to extend love, happy thoughts and prayers to all who were victimized, and say in support from the bottom of my heart…..Je Suis Charlie……………..Good Day All.

The Movie Unbroken

Well I went to see that movie Directed By Angelina Jolie called Unbroken. This second world war movie follows the life of Louis Zamperini who represented his country in the Olympics leading up to world war two. When he is sent to the pacific to fight the Japanese his plane goes down and he and a couple of fellow airmen are adrift for some time with one dying. After being picked up by a Japanese ship they are sent to a prison camp where Zamperini faces extra abuse for being a famous American athlete. This movie is very violent with scenes depicting very disturbing human abuse. For people who love inspiring stories of survival in the faces of evil this movie is a must see and is now playing. I give this movie an eight point five out of ten……….Good Day All.

Movie The Interview

Over Christmas I purchased and watched the all popular movie The Interview starring the likes of Seth Rogen and James Franco. You know that silly comedy flick that the President of North Korea is threatening to blow the world up over? Yes folks that very one and I really must say that I spent most of the movie wondering what he is so pissed off about until the end when he gets killed. So let us put ourselves in his shoes for a moment and imagine yourself being a very poorly thought of world leader. I mean lets face it the President of North Korea really never has been the most popular kid on the block has he? Now imagine the country you hate the most making a picture about you in which you die in the end. Well I guess we all understand how he feels now and I just told you how it ends. I really felt as others do that the movie was funny and fast paced. All political and social banter aside I give it a nine out of ten. You Tube is one place you can download it and watch from home………Good Day All.